Episode 36



October 27th, 2020

49 mins 30 secs

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About this Episode

We take a break between seasons of Buffy to explore one of Ryan's favorite takes on Vampires; Underworld!
Discussion Points Include: It’s Dark, It’s rated ‘R’, There’s a Whole Bunch of Underworld Films, Brittany Wants to Watch the Prequel, Ambitious Storytelling, Selene’s Backstory, Guns Aren’t a Story Hook, The Prestige Fancast, Gone Girl Fancast, Rules of the Verse, Allergic to Silver, Vampirism & Lycanthropy as Viruses, Twilight Fancast, Incredible Fight Choreography, Frame-Rate, Showing the Supernatural, Buffy Influence, Werewolf Fight Club, How to Light at Night, Trivia, Wentworth Miller Fancast