Episode 27

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Innocence


August 25th, 2020

44 mins 48 secs

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About this Episode

Angel assumes his final form, and Xander steals a rocket launcher
Discussion Points Include: David Boreanaz Fancast, Ryan Still Just Wants To Watch Angel, Willow’s Voice of Reason, Giles Drops A Swear, Hell Is A Place, Dru’s In A BAD PLACE, Buffyverse VS. Arrowverse, IT’S A CROSSOVER, Ryan Rants About The Mystery Machine, Jenny’s Brief Uncle, Angel’s Box Skills, ADR, The Rocket Launcher Problem, Gossip Girl Fancast, You Fancast, Mandalorian Fancast, Joel Paine Trivia Corner, Ripper, Giles’ Very Bad Car, Camera Angles.